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    Counseling for Separation, Divorce, & Co-Parenting

    **Please note: Insurance may not cover couples counseling which would result in private pay.

    Separation & Divorce

    Most couples do not enter a relationship or marriage with the intent of having it dissolve, unfortunately, it is something many people experience. 

    Couples counseling is an excellent tool whether you are considering divorce or separation or already in the process. 

    Couple’s counseling for separation or divorce can provide a space for honest communication and assessment of the relationship. If there is high conflict between partners it can be hard to have conversations about children, pets, and other significant topics. While these conversations can be held with the aid of legal counsel, many prefer to have mediation with a licensed mental health provider to create a plan of transition and minimize damage. This can help ease the difficulty of an already difficult situation. 


    Co-parenting counseling focuses on providing separated or divorced parents with education and skills to help raise their children together. It is different from couples or family therapy in that the focus is on the child(ren). 

    Supportive co-parenting can aid in the adjustment of the separation/divorce for children and is a determinate of the child’s well-being. Negative co-parenting has been shown to be harmful to a child’s development. 

    Co-parenting counseling will help you discuss parenting methods, belief systems about parenting, conflict resolution, and healthy communication for the benefit of your child(ren).