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    EMDR Intensives

    An intensive is a way to provide treatment in an intensive but shorter period of time. Research shows that intensive therapy for trauma and stress can be extremely effective in symptom reduction.

    Intensive sessions are available in single and multiple-day formats. An initial 50-minute consultation/intake session to get some background history, identify targets and treatment goals. A review of relevant previous mental health records and consultation with your current therapist (if you have one) can aid in the assessment.

    While many clients are good candidates for an intensive, some may do better with an ongoing therapeutic relationship, especially those with long-term childhood abuse and neglect.  Some exceptions can be made for those currently under the care of a trusted provider that they can return to. Clients with this type of history can make progress on particular parts of the events, but often are not finished with treatment and need to continue with their regular therapist following the intensive.

    Benefits of EMDR Intensives

    • Research shows that clients completing intensive treatment can make as much progress in the condensed format as in standard weekly sessions. This can eliminate weeks or months of living with trauma symptoms, and the toll, this takes on work, relationships, marriages, parenting, and general well-being.
    • Since sessions are completed over two or three days it greatly reduces lost work time.
    • While there is a larger upfront cost, the shorter duration of treatment overall can save money.
    • Intensives are being studied in the literature as a state-of-the-art modality for trauma.

    EMDR Intensives Offered

    Four types of EMDR Intensives are available at Mind Revolution Counseling and Consulting. Insurance does not cover the cost of intensive sessions. Financing is available.

    EMDR is also available in the traditional 53-minute sessions.