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    EMDR Consultation

    Kenni Uribe, LCSW, CFRC, is an EMDRIA-approved Consultant-in-Training.

    Individual and group consultation is available virtually throughout the United States. As an EMDR Certified Therapist and Consultant-in-Training, Kenni can provide consultation for hours toward EMDR basic training, EMDR certification, and general consultation for ongoing EMDR practice. 

    Consultation focuses on the mastery and integration of standard EMDR therapy in practice; providing guidance and feedback to consultees. Standard EMDR therapy means maintaining fidelity to EMDR therapy’s eight-phase, three-pronged approach (Shapiro, 2018).

    Kenni Uribe has completed several additional hours of advanced EMDR training in dissociation, administering the MID, polyvagal theory, EMDR and chronic pain, complex trauma, and first responders. She also offers extended and intensive EMDR treatment to her clients. 

    Rates: Individual – $30/1-hour; Group of 2-6: $20/1-hour

    Kenni will be starting the next group consultation in OCTOBER. Days and Times TBD – potentially an evening or weekend day and time based on therapists’ needs. 

    **Consultation is not equivalent to clinical supervision. Hours accrued toward EMDR Certification are not recommended to co-occur with supervision for licensure. Consultation is also not equivalent to the provision of psychotherapy services, which poses an ethical issue of dual relationships.