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    Clinical Supervision


    Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners Approved Clinical Supervision 

    Are you a master’s level professional in behavioral health that wants to receive their clinical licensure? Mind Revolution Counseling and Consulting provides clinical supervision to Licensed Masters Social Workers (LMSW), Licensed Associate Counselors (LAC), and Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT) according to guidelines established by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners.

    We utilize an integrative model of clinical supervision that combines strength-based, person-centered, developmental, culturally sensitive, and competency-driven models of supervision. We strive to help each supervisee grow to become exceedingly competent, ethical, genuine, authentic, and successful behavioral and mental health counselors. Our clinical supervision services are conveniently provided online via HIPAA compliant live video conferencing, at our office, or at the supervisee’s office to meet Arizona Clinical Supervision Requirements

    The Arizona Board of Behavioral Health requires 100 hours of clinical supervision over at least a two-year time span. Mind Revolution Counseling and Consulting can provide the following amount of clinical supervision hours: 

    LPC: 100 hours

    LCSW: 100 hours

    LMFT: 50 hours

    Hours may include the necessary 10 direct-observation hours on-site.

    Flat rates: 

    Group supervision (2-6 supervisees): $65 per session, per person (90-minute session)

    Individual supervision (in office or video): $100 per hour

    On-site supervision: $125 per hour with a 2-hour minimum

    Agencies and their counselors who work with our supervision program will receive:

    • An individualized, collaborative clinical supervision plan for each counselor, including specific goal areas to work toward for professional development
    • Collaboration on necessary forms and paperwork, including the notice of supervision forms for each client
    • Clinical supervision documentation is written each week
    • Once hours are completed or contracted services end, counselors receive the required notarized signature and clinical review on the pertinent board application pages, including the required signed, sealed envelope

    Please note: group supervision includes associate counselors from various agencies. There will not be inter-agency ROIs; thus, specific case consultations and reviews will only take place in individual supervisions. Group supervision topics may include: modalities of psychotherapy, self-care for professionals, general agency needs, resources, diagnostic criteria, cultural considerations and awareness, therapeutic rapport, co-occurring disorders, and more.

    How to get started: Talk with the clinical director of your agency and then contact us. Together we will develop a plan and a budget for your clinical supervision.

    The budget should take into account group, individual, and direct-observation hours as required by the board, and how many hours of each type to be contracted Mind Revolution Counseling and Consulting rather than completed in-house.  

    Please review the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners links below for information about your specific licensing needs:

    Social Work


    Marriage and Family Therapy